All photography provided by Jared Chambers

Since 2008, Brian Yang has been acquiring chess tournament directing skills and strives to provide the best possible experience for his players. 


Our Goal

-To provide the best possible chess tournament environment.

-To train future tournament directors in US Chess rules and help with certification requirements.

-To provide chess players the ability to improve their game, whether it be private or group lessons or competitive rated chess tournaments.

Here’s to a ‘boring’, stress-free tournament weekend...
— Brian Yang, US Chess National TD

What Brian Yang has Achieved

  • Became a US Chess Club TD in March 2008
  • Became a US Chess Local TD in July 2010
  • Became a US Chess Senior TD in February 2014
  • Became a US Chess Associate National TD in September 2014
  • Became a US Chess National TD in April 2015
  • Became a FIDE Arbiter in September 2016
  • Chief TD of the 2016 US Open
  • Chief TD of KSCA Scholastic State chess tournaments
  • has TD many big tournaments including, Supernationals V and VI, World Open, North American Open, National Open, and many Continental Chess Association tournaments.